Joel 2 Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand;


Let My People Go

Exodus chapter 7 to 13 In Exodus we find Egypt power was broken at the time of the Exodus , pestilence, famine, sword,death God was shaking Egypt and bring down the nation to deliver his people out of bondage

We find under the seven trumpets in revelation chapter 8 that God was delivering his people once again , pestilence,sword, famine and we find that the powers that had God people was broken then isreal became a nation once again in 1948 .

God once again is delivering his people not natural isreal this time but spiritual isreal under the fourth seal we find pestilence , famine,sword,death Egypt power is being broken ,let my bride go , pestilence, famine, sword filling up the land ,Egypt is a type of the world system that has God people in bondage .

When these plagues was beginning to pass through the land it was time for the departure and it get worse and worse until God people was delivered

Under the fourth seal and over in revelation 13 we find power was given ,in revelation 13:7 power was given unto him over all kindreds tongues and nation's according to revelation 13 that's what bringing on these things.

God children's was in bondage and Egypt power was being broken and that was the time of the going out , look at the world system today with is egypt look at how Egypt is being shaken,look at the judgements passing through Egypt and bringing down the economy.

these things are happening because our departure is at hand ,it get worse and worse and plagues was filling up the land and the purpose behind it was delivering God people out of Egypt .

Look at covid 19 global pandemic, look at the protesting global protesting, look at the food shortage global food shortage, look at how Egypt power is being shaken ,the Exodus is on it will get worse and worse but God people will be delivered just like all the Exodus