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Water Baptism

Taken From The Questions And Answers (54-0515)

SC-177-Q-36 Now, here's going to be a stinging question: 36. Why would a person be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ instead of the "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"?

SC-177-Q-37 I got two or three; here's one right here: 37. Brother Bill, what is the false baptism that you were speaking of last night, if it is water or Spirit? If it is water, and you said Jesus Christ's Name, why did Matthew 28:19... it'd say "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"? Please explain. Now, these are kind of stinging, but I believe I got another one here somewhere, the same thing, oh, it's about three places. I'll try to get to it. Let's see. Will--will you bear with me for a few minutes? All right. Now, let's just start now and answer these questions. Maybe we can skim through them, and get them maybe (the rest of them) tomorrow, if nothing else for Sunday school, or sometime. But these people, perhaps, are asking this, and tomorrow is baptism. Now, whichever way you're baptized, that doesn't matter to me. But I want to tell you the apostolic doctrine of the Bible. See?

SC-178-171 Now, we found out last night, that when the Catholic church was organized, that it come out with false communion, saying that when you receive the holy Eucharist, meaning the holy communion there, you receive the Holy Ghost. That is not the Holy Ghost; that's a wafer. The Protestant church shakes hands, puts their names on the book; that's what they call receiving It. Now, but the real way to receive it was the baptism of the Spirit.

SC-178-173 And now, the Catholic church brought out catechism. Luther had it; the Methodist church has it; Episcopalians have it; many of the other ones have it: catechism. Many of the traditions of the Catholic church still hangs onto the Protestant church; which forms her right in with it according to the Bible. But there never was a person ever in all the pages of the Bible, ever baptized in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost. There never was a person baptized in the name of Father, Son, Holy Ghost until the early Catholic church. It's not in the Bible nowhere. And if anybody can find a piece in there, and tell me and show me where one person was baptized using the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost please show me, for I've went through and through and through and through and through it for twenty-some-odd years now. And it's an error. It's a Catholic creed and not a Bible command.

SC-178-176 Now, we'll find out why; we're going to your question, dear brother. St. John... I mean Matthew 28:19. All right, let's go back over. You turn with your Bible with me, so you can read with me. This is the place where it's spoke of. One place in the Bible of... Didn't Jesus say, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established"? I can take you in the Bible where It said, "Judas Iscariot went and hung himself," and, "You go do likewise." I can take you to where Jesus said, "When the Son of man (which Himself was) which now is in heaven shall come again," and standing right here on earth... And said, "The Son of man which now is in heaven," and standing right here on earth... You have to know God to know His Word. You can't... No wonder you say It contradicts Itself. It's confusing. Because God said He wrote It that way to hide It from these scholars and so forth. And let people get humble at the altar, and God will reveal It to you.

SC-179-181 Now, here's the Scripture, Matthew 28:19: only place in the Bible it ever mentioned these titles. Go ye therefore,... teach all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Now, the way you're baptized is "In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Ghost." That's not even in the Scripture. But it is here, "Teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name." Now, look right at your Bible and see if that says "in the names" or "in the Name." Now, you say... Now, here not long ago in a meeting, a fellow said, "There's a contradiction in the Bible." Said, "I wish you'd explain it to me. Why did Jesus tell the people to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and Peter turned around and baptized them in the Name of Jesus Christ in Acts 2:38?" Said, "If that don't contradict itself, I don't see a contradiction." I said, "Just because you haven't sought God right." He said, "Brother Branham, does it make any difference if I baptize this way or that way?" It certainly does, and I'll proVe it by the Bible. What if--what if Moses... God told Moses, coming up the bush, said, "Moses, take off your shoes; you're on holy ground." He said, "Now, Lord, I'm a reverent man. My shoes are a little hard to take off, so I'll just take off my hat." He never said "hat," He said, "shoes." And what the Bible says is Truth. Now, if...

SC-180-187 Here, this is ten days; this is the ascension. And when Jesus was taken up, He commissioned His disciples to go into all the world and teach all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And ten days later... They went up to Jerusalem; they waited in the upper room until the Holy Ghost come; then when they begin to preach and go on... They said, "What can we do to be saved?" Peter said, "Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ." Then he went to the house of Cornelius; he said, "Repent, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ." He went over and found some people was already baptized, said, "You got to be baptized over again in the Name of Jesus Christ." And went down in Samaria and said, "Baptize them in the Name of Jesus Christ... And not one time was them titles ever called over a person, never. "Now, there's a contradiction then," you say. No, it's not. Just ask the Holy Spirit now, and watch Him reveal it to you. Open your heart. Now, don't hold prejudice; if you do, God can't talk to you. But if you won't hold prejudice, say "I'm looking for really truth, Brother Branham."...

SC-180-194 If Jesus told the disciples to go do this, and they went and done something over here different, and yet God blessed it, and all through the Bible... Now, did they do what Jesus told them not to do? If they did, they disobeyed, and God will never honor disobedience. If He would, He would've honored Eve and stopped the whole thing in the beginning. When God says anything, He's got to keep His Word; He's sovereign. So then either Peter made a mistake... "Oh," said, "that's what the apostles said," One fellow said, "That's what the apostles said; I'm going to do what Jesus said." Well, if the apostles did what Jesus told them not to do, then what? And if the apostles which wrote this Bible, Paul wrote all of these, and Paul was the one made them be rebaptized again. And if Paul wrote this, biggest part of this New Testament, then what kind of a Bible have you got written that you're trying to read?

SC-181-197 Let's just make it just This, act real sensible and see what the Word says. Now, this is for education; for you to know the Word of God. Now, if Peter baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ after Jesus telling him to baptize in the name of Father, Son, Holy Ghost, he done contrary to what Jesus said. Is that true? Now, there's got to be something there. Now, let's just find out, and ask the Holy Ghost to show us. Now, the first place, now let's take--let's take the first Scripture, Matthew 28:19: Go ye therefore,... teach all nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father,... Son,... the Holy Ghost:

SC-181-199 Look down on your Bible and see if that says "in the names of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost." Does it? No, sir. Did it say, "in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Ghost"? It said, "In the Name..." Is that right? Well, the "name" is singular. Is that right? Well, which name did He want them to baptize, the name of the Father, or the name of the Son, or the name of the Holy Ghost? He said, "In the Name." Well, frankly, there isn't either one of them a name. How many fathers is in here, let's see your name--your hand. All right. Which one of you is named "Father"? Father is not a name; father's a title. How many sons are in here? Sure, every man, every male, they're sons. Well, which one of you is named "Son"? It's not a name; it's a title. Is that right? It's not a name; it's a title. Well, which one of you is named "Human"? How many humans is here? All of you. Well, which one of you is named "Human"? There is no such a thing; that's what you are. The Holy Ghost is not a name; that's what It is. I'm a human. So neither Father, Son, nor Holy Ghost is name; they're just three titles that goes to one Name.

SC-181-201 Now, listen closely. What... Look here. I'll take this on just like a baby basis. If you said, "Well..." Like you was reading a--a storybook, and it said, "John and Mary lived happy ever after." And you wonder then, "Who is John and Mary?" Well, the only way you'll ever know who John and Mary is, is go back and read the beginning of the story and go through it. Is that right? Well, if Jesus said here, "Baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," and Father's no name, and Son's no name, and the Holy Ghost is no name, what, Who is this Fellow? We want to know Who He is. Now, the best thing to do... That's the last chapter of Matthew, the last verse. Let's turn back to the 1st chapter of Matthew and the first verses and start off, find out Who this Father, Son, Holy Ghost is. Now, I just want to do this for the children there, so they'll get it also.

SC-182-203 First thing is to straighten out you on your trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Now, in the first place, not one place in the Bible was trinity ever mentioned. You find it and show it to me. There's no such a thing. It's Catholic error, and you Protestants bow to it. Notice. Now, what is this? I said this is Who? Father. This is Who? Son. And this is Who? [Congregation says, "Holy Ghost."--Ed.] Now, the Father is the father of Who? The Son. Is that right? Now, this is Jesus' Father. Don't get them mixed up, now. This here is the Father; this is the Son, and this is the Holy Ghost. Is that right? Now, the people put it, "Three different people, three different Gods, three different personalities." No wonder the Jews can't understand it. All right.

SC-182-204 Matthew the 1st chapter starts off with genealogies of Jesus Christ, "Abraham begot Isaac, Isaac begot Jacob," so on, down like that till it comes down to the 18th verse: Now, the birth of Jesus Christ... Here it is, the 18th verse: Now, the birth of Jesus Christ... (follow me with your Bible)... the birth of this man Jesus Christ was on this wise: When... his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph,... she was found with a child of God, the Father. (Did I read That right? What does it say? [Congregation says, "The Holy Ghost."--Ed.] Found with a child of Who? I thought somebody said this Man was His Father? The Bible said this Man was His Father)... she was found with a child of the Holy Ghost. Now, what kind of a child you got? As Jesus plainly said, God was His Father (Is that right?), God is His Father... Well, what's the Holy Ghost got to do with it then? If the Bible said the Holy Ghost was His Father, and Jesus said God was His Father, and you said God was His Father, and now the Bible says over here that there's three--two different people, God had nothing to do with it; the Holy Ghost is His Father.

SC-183-207 Now, let's read a little farther: Joseph her husband, being a just man, was not willingly to make her a publick example, but was minded to put her away privily. But, behold, while he thought on these things,... the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost. (Not God the Father; God, the Holy Ghost.) See where your tritheist idea would go to? It would put Jesus a illegitimate child. Certainly. That's an error: no Scripture for that. Now, you'll have to admit that God the Father, that God the Holy Ghost is the same Person, or Jesus had two different daddies. Is that right? Of course it's right. The Bible said, "The Holy Ghost was His Father," and the Bible said, "God was His Father." Now, which is His Father? The Holy Ghost and God is the same Spirit; It's the same Thing. ... all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, by the Lord, saying, ... a virgin shall conceive... and bring forth a child, and they... (this One) ... and they shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from the sins. And this was all done, that it might be fulfilled,... ... and his name shall be called Emmanuel, which is by interpretation, God with us.

SC-183-209 Now, Who is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? Did Peter do wrong? He done what Jesus told him. That's three titles. I'm a minister, and I'm a father, and I'm a "Reverend," they call it (a title), but none of that's my name. My name's William Branham. He was the Father; He was Son; He was Holy Ghost. You try to make three Gods, friend; it's wrong; it's error. There's three dispensations that the tritheist got mixed up with. God the Father was the Spirit that hung over the children of Israel in the Pillar of Fire. Is that right? God was there. Then God was made flesh and dwelled among us (Is that right?) in His Son. Now, He's condescending down till He come into the heart of man by the Holy Spirit.

SC-184-213 God is like a three-foot rule, or, a three-foot rule, yes. The first twelve inches was God the Father; the second twelve inches, God the Son, the same God; third twelve inches was God the Holy Ghost, the same God. Jesus said... You say, "We got the Holy Ghost in us." That's right. But Jesus said, "A little while, and the world seeth Me no more. Yet you'll see Me, for I ('I' is a personal pronoun.), I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Where's the Holy Ghost at then? "I'll not leave you comfortless; I'll come again and be with you." That's it.

SC-184-216 You see, you misunderstand it, friend. It's one God in three dispensations. The dispensation of the Fatherhood, Sonship, and Holy Spirit, it's the same God. And when He said, "Go baptize them in the Name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit," it was Jesus Christ. And that's why we baptize in Jesus' Name. Now, look, let's get the baptisms here. The first time baptism was ever mentioned in the New Testament was John the Baptist. Is that right? (I'll place this up here.) You see, you have to get your Godhead straightened out before you can get baptism straightened out. That's John the Baptist, first baptism. Second time baptism was spoke of was Acts 2:38, where they were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ there at the new church. The second place was Cornelius's house, or not... I beg your pardon, Samaritans, Acts 7:48 and 49. And Acts 10:49 was where he baptized them at the house of Cornelius. And the next time baptism was spoke of, and calling any names or titles, was over in Acts 19:5.

SC-184-219 Now, when they were baptized at the day of Pentecost, they were baptized (Acts 2:38) in the Name of Jesus Christ. Is that right? Write it down, look it up. The next, Philip went down, two days later, and begin to preach to the Samaritans, and preached to them, and heal the sick, and had a great meeting down there, and baptized them in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peter went down and laid hands on them; they received the Holy Ghost. Peter went up on the housetop a few days later, was hungry; he saw a vision. God sent him over to the house of Cornelius. And while Peter yet spake these words, the Holy Ghost fell on them, and they begin speaking in tongues and carrying on like they did at the first place. Peter said, "They haven't even been baptized yet." So he commanded them, every one, to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

SC-185-222 Every person in the Bible was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. Paul... I mean, John's disciples wasn't baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ; they were baptized unto repentance. Let's turn over to I Corinthians... I mean, let's turn over to Acts the 19th chapter just a moment, and read this just a minute, so you'll see, my friends, that it's not--it's not... We're not... The Scriptures doesn't contradict Itself. Look here: And it came to pass, that, while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul... passed through the upper coasts of... Ephesus: he finds certain disciples, He said unto them, Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?... they said... We know not whether there be any Holy Ghost. ... he said... then what was you baptized?... (Oh, they said, we been baptized. Said, How?)... said, Unto John, John... He said, John only baptized unto repentance, saying that you should believe on him who's come... that is, on the Lord Jesus Christ. And when they heard this, they were rebaptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Paul laid his hands upon them, and the Holy Ghost come on them; and they spoke in tongues, and prophesied. The great Saint Paul...

SC-185-224 But listen. What if you'd been baptized by John the Baptist, the same man that baptized Jesus Christ? A holy man, where Jesus said, "There never was a man born of a woman as great as John the Baptist." He's the chief of all the prophets. He led Jesus out in the water and baptized Him right in Jordan. Brother, if I was baptized by him, I'd feel pretty good about it. Is that right? But Paul turns around and says, "That won't work now." Said, "You've got to be rebaptized again." "Oh, we've been immersed though, Paul. We was immersed by John right out in the river of Jordan." He said, "That won't work now. You've got to be baptized again." "How?" Said, "John baptized unto repentance. This is for the remission of sins, and no other name under heaven is given among men, only the Name of Jesus Christ." And they had to be rebaptized again in the Name of Jesus Christ. And not one place in the Bible, or all the history for the first six hundred years after the death of the last apostle, did they ever baptize any other way but in the Name of Jesus Christ.

SC-186-230 And go ask any Catholic priest that you want to; ask them who changed that, and see what they tell you. Get the catechism and read it; say, "Sure, some of the Protestants will be saved because they bow to our baptism." They changed it. They say they have the power and authority to do it, and you believe it. That's what they say; that's what they claim; that's what the Protestant church bows to. But Scripturally it's absolutely not one ounce of Scripture about it. They had to be baptized over in the Name of Jesus Christ.